Park Slope Staple

Park Slope Staple Organic Bread Mix

Park Slope Staple is inspired by beautiful Park Slope, a neighborhood whose residents love the outdoors, their community, and the arts. Park Slope’s residents are vibrant and creative, and this easy-to-make organic bread mix serves as a perfect canvas for their creative expression. Park Slope Staple is a simple, natural bread that allows you to create your own unique breads without interfering with the flavors you choose.



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Try it: Toasted alongside soft-boiled eggs or with butter and honey for a delicious breakfast; with peanut butter and jelly for a taste of the good old days; dried and cut into pieces for homemade croutons on salad; with cheese or chocolate spread for an afternoon snack; or simply accompanying a homemade dinner.

Ingredients: Organic whole wheat flour, organic whole grain wheat, dry yeast.
Park Slope Staple Ingredients - organic whole wheat flour, organic whole grain wheat, dry yeast

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